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Homeopathic treatment and consultation

Homoeopathic treatment and remedies aim to strengthen the patient’s own healing ability. The key to success with homoeopathy lies in matching the treatment to the individual patient.

The first consultation lasts for about one and a half hours. This allows us to take the necessary time and care to understand all the circumstances affecting your health. Follow-up visits will last about thirty minutes, during which the homoeopath will assess any changes that may have taken place as a result of the treatment.

Homeopathic treatment and consultation

  • Non-toxic, non-habit forming and does not have harmful side effects

  • It not only treats the immediate illness, but also helps improve the overall sense of well-being

  • It helps in treating minor ailments like tummy upsets,broken bones, or muscle sprains

  • Also available Homeopathic Remedies for Farm Animals

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